Polsat Media is a sales house with portfolio of 91 TV channels, with main nationwide channel Polsat and a broad selection of thematic channels.

Polsat Media is a sales house with portfolio of 91 TV channels – with main national channel Polsat and a dynamically developing package of thematic channels. The total audience share of stations served by Polsat Media in 2023 was 36% in the target group 16-59. Polsat Media is also a comprehensive offer of non-tv products, which includes: Polsat Media Online (video and display advertising), Polsat Media AdScreen (OOH digital media), Polsat Media AdTube (a platform associating popular internet creators - youtubers and influencers), Polsat Media Digital Audio (online audio advertising). In 2019, Polsat Media was ranked as the best advertising bureau in a report published by “Media and Marketing Polska”.


We are a young and committed team of over 250 talented people. Our experience in the market is our advantage. We have gained the experience working for both media houses and televisions. We attach special importance to high standards of customer service and business relations.  We invest in people, know-how and tools and we keep developing and growing stronger.

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